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Most marketing consultants will avoid exposing potential customers to the competition and vehemently advise their clients against doing such a thing. So, why do I not only mention my competition but provide links to them as well?

First, let me explain that I am not afraid of the competition. My designs, materials, workmanship and sound quality are top notch. Further, my prices are based on a single person enterprise, not multiple employees, consultants and advertising agencies. So, with the Flagenbush brand, the consumer is paying for the best of the best in that price range. Designed and handmade by one person alone, Flagenbush is really in a class by itself. I realize many people have tastes different than mine and I want them to be happy if they purchase a Flagenbush product. To insure this, I provide alternative brands to choose from (even though I do not sell them). I do not use conventional marketing methods based on consumer manipulation. I don't need to, so why would I?

Perhaps the reason there are so few brands like Flagenbush out there (if there are any others at all) is because there are so few people with the necessary combined knowlege and skill to pull it off. And those that can, likely devote their time to more profitable endeavors or have other passions of their own. As such, many might suggest that I am cursed by my passions. There may indeed be some truth to that. All I can say is that this passion is my burden to bear but to my customers it is a blessing.

Therefore, to help you in your quest, I have put together the links below to give you at least a taste of what is out there. Please understand, this is not an endorsement or condemnation of any brand below... it is simply a place for you to get started to see what is available in today's high end arena. In alphabetical order:

Aerial Acoustics

Avalon Acoustics






Fritz Frequencies


Golden Ear



Lansche Audio

Lawrence Audio

Legacy Audio


Martin Logan

North Creek Speakers



Rockport Technologies

Snell Acoustics


Sonus Faber 

Theil Audio


Verity Audio

Vivid Audio

Von Schweikert Audio

Wilson Audio

YG Acoustics