“It's only money”

siren littleEvery once in a while a salesperson will say to me, "It's only money," when it is obvious that I am pondering over a big purchase. As if I had money just falling out of my pockets and use it for runny noses. I work hard for my money as I am sure you do as well.

Having said that, let me be completely candid. The price of my speakers is mostly labor, really, not kidding one bit. The cost of my labor and quality craftsmanship is not exactly cheap, but it is not extravagant either. The labor time it takes for my smallest pair of speakers is about 150 hours, excluding time to find and gather the necessary materials. Material costs are roughly 25% (give or take a few percent depending on the model). Overhead and other incidental costs takes another 15% or so. That means for my labor and significant past R&D time I get about 60% of the speaker price in the end. From that 60% I reinvest what I can back into my company and if possible, I pay myself a salary and give dues to uncle Sam.

Multi pair and multi model purchases receive a 10% discount because I can work more efficiently. Turnaround time for a single pair of speakers is typically 3 months from the time I start. If you have the patience to wait for my quality product, I will accept your money and work hard for it with a handmade quality that seems to be rapidly fading away in today's world.

Simply email me and we will begin with custom tailoring your order.

Best and warmest regards,

Brian Flanigan--Flagenbush

President, Midas Touch Consulting Corp