Made to go together

models ensembleMost other high end speaker brands typically design for two channel stereo only and though they may have several different models to choose from they may not work well together. Flagenbush speakers are made to work well together. This fundamental difference is paramount when considering multi speaker pair setups.

Beyond simple matching of visual aesthetics such as veneer from the same tree or matching grain and color of hardwoods, the speakers must audibly match as well.

To achieve multi model audible matching several factors come into play. First of course is materials: consistency in cabinet design, internal damping, transducer selection, etc. Second is SPL sensitivity, how loud one model is compared to another with identical volume setting from the amplifier.

Succeeding with the above is challenging enough, but I wanted to take it one step further. I wanted to match impedance at a resistance level so that any two model pairs could be connected in parallel (effectively creating a larger speaker pair), thus I rejected any design that would result in a crossover impedance less than 6 ohms. There are several "high end" speaker models out there with an impedance load less than 3 ohms and they demand an amplifier with appropriate capability, which is uncommon. In my mind, a speaker with less than 3 ohm nominal impedance is way too restrictive for my taste.

It literally took months of crossover designing, creating and testing to realize my goal while maintaining world class sound.

So, what I am saying here is that you can fill every speaker output on your home theater amplifier without any concern that you'll reach overload impedance levels. And... SPL as well as impedance levels will be appropriate for combining any two pairs in parallel.

For example: In my room I have all models (10 speakers) connected to my 140 watt/ch (into 8 ohm rating) 7.1 surround AVR. Front left and right are Dionysus and Erato connected in parallel, Iris is the center front, Lil' Dion is the surround left and right, Siren is the back left and right and Poseidon is the subwoofer.

Configurations are nearly limitless, from small tiny dens to huge home theaters. If you can't decide what you need, just start small and add more later as your needs grow. Of course you can always contact me for suggestions.

Multi pair and multi model purchases receive a 10% discount because I can work more efficiently.