Ahh, the beauty of real wood

erato front

Veneer options are virtually endless. I could take the approach of most other brands and just give a handful of choices and simply keep those in stock. But, that would defeat what I am trying to do, put you in complete charge of the appearance. I'll be happy to assist in choices and caution you if I think your choices may present issues you are not aware of, but essentially I want the choice to be yours, because it is.

Because there are so many possibilities I have provided a couple of links below that show actual photographs of the veneer they have for sale, what it really looks like along with price. Note that the appearance of wood and wood veneer only comes to full visual impact when it is coated with a finish.

These are exterior links and companies separate from the Flagenbush brand. I have however done business with Veneer Supplies in the past and have been very satisfied with their service. Certainly Wood carries solid hardwood as well as veneer, but due to the shipping weight I typically purchase hardwoods locally.


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